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There is no age criteria for Extra Help it is a service that facilitates for both the young and elderly, supporting people when they are struggling to manage and maintain independence either through Health issues, age or experiences in their life.

The service is also for working families that maybe are struggling to have quality time with their families when both are working full time. Who wants to come home and do cleaning when it can all be done, giving people the opportunity to enjoy their free and valuable time.

Extra Help is just what it says a service that gives extra help to people who want to live independent lives but need support to do so.

The service is very individual; personalised to suit each client’s needs.

Our Services

  • De- cluttering of homes, then maintenance on a weekly basis
  • Taking clients to Doctors/ Hospital appointments
  • Domestic tasks, washing, ironing, meal preparation, washing inside windows and curtains
  • Companionship, sitting with the elderly or others with Health issues to allow respite for carers
  • Taking clients shopping; food, personal enabling people to still have choices and feel part of their community or doing shopping for them
  • Escorting clients out to take part in what they like to do – Pictures, bingo, lunch also anything else that interests the client and they may like to take part in.

For more information about our services please contact me on:


Sarah Canny


01375 311312

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