Extra Help Hammersmith and Fulham

Extra Help Hammersmith and Fulham provides a helping hand to the elderly, vulnerable and busy people. Bespoke and professional, regular and ad hoc services include:

  • Cleaning – Standard and Deep
  • Tidying and Decluttering
  • Laundry – Washing and Ironing
  • Shopping and Pharmacy Trips and Errands
  • Dog Walking
  • Gardening
  • Laundry, Washing and Ironing
  • Accompanying to  Medical Appointments
  • Hairdressers, Barbers, Social Events and  Activities
  • Cooking Support and Meal Preparation
  • Parents’ Help – a helping hand to Parents /Caregivers

The aim is to enable our elders to remain in and better enjoy their own home and busy people more spare time, to spend with family and friends or doing more of what they enjoy.

Beverley Fleary,  owner and manager of Extra Help  Hammersmith &Fulham –  her experience includes over 15 years in the domiciliary care sector, successfully office coordinating and managing, for various agencies within Hammersmith & Fulham and neighbouring boroughs.

Our team of Extra Help Home Helpers are ethical, empathetic and skilled; passionate about giving and making an actual difference, to life’s, within the community – through doing tasks and projects, we enjoy. Home helpers are Interviewed, reference and DBS checked, beforehand.

We believe in continuity and consistency, building positive and professional relationships and will not send different people, to your home.

We are a helping hand and help,  with making life easier for you.



Beverley Fleary

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