Food Hygiene Policy Extra Help Ltd

Extra Help branches and home helpers respect the need of all individuals to experience healthy, nutritious, and balanced diets. We will always ensure our approach to nutrition is based on client choice, quality, and availability. We will ensure to the best of our ability that all food hygiene standards and food preparation guidelines are followed in every instance food is provided to clients by our team. We get these guidelines from the Food Safety Act 1990, and the food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2005. Whilst our team are present, all food will be prepared, cooked, and stored in the correct way.

Clients are responsible to inform us of any allergies or intolerances if the work we are to carry out requires food preparation, if the client is unable to provide this information, the family and or person signing up for the service on behalf of the client will be required to provide accurate and complete information for our records.

Usually, our clients will choose the meals for our home helpers to make, and will provide the required ingredients, sometimes our home helpers may be asked to purchase ingredients on behalf of the client ahead of their visit, they will do this to the best of their ability in local stores, following guidelines from the client or their guardian.

We follow guidance that:

  1. Food should be enjoyed
  2. Food shall be chosen by clients
  3. Variety shall be suggested in client’s diet, balanced diets should be suggested if not in use
  4. Portions shall be decided by clients, concerns shall be reported by home helpers
  5. Best efforts should be made to ensure meals satisfy the client and contain various food groups in appropriate quantities

Sadly, we cannot assist clients with eating meals, if their ability deteriorates and they require such assistance after a period of time, it must be reported immediately to the franchise owner. We will make next of kin aware, and if requested, help to find further support for clients.

We will have the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene when preparing food ensuring:

  1. PPE is worn when appropriate and hands are thoroughly washed before touching equipment or products to be involved in preparation of food.
  2. The environment food is prepared and served in, is a clean, tidy, area clear of refuse.
  3. Ensuring food stuffs served have been stored in correct manor specified on product packaging.
  4. We will thoroughly clean areas and equipment after preparation of food.
  5. If food is not finished or ingredients aren’t all used, we will store if safe to do so for clients in the appropriate places, if requested by client.
  6. We will report any concerns about environment, or ability to safely store food to the franchise owner.

In the Event of illness in a food handler, they are advised to stop food prep immediately and report to the franchise owner. Home helpers shouldn’t return to food handling until they are certain they are better, certified by GP. Suspected outbreaks of food related ill-health should be reported immediately to the franchise manager.

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