Medication Policy – Extra Help Ltd

All Extra Help clients take responsibility for their own medication, but minimal support may be provided with some or all of the following:

  • Requesting repeat prescriptions.
  • Collecting medicines from the pharmacy or surgery (if it was not able to be delivered).
  • A reminder or prompt from the home helper to the client to take their medicines.

Home helpers must immediately raise concerns if they see loose tablets or medication repeatedly in a client’s property, this should be raised with the franchise owner.

If there are any concerns a client can no longer safely administer their own medication or that they are no longer taking medication, this must be immediately reported to the franchise owner, who will inform next of kin, and if necessary, introduce reputable local care companies who can support with this task. 

As assisting clients with taking medication or administering medication are CQC regulated activities, we DO NOT and MUST NOT engage in this activity.

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