4 Signs Your Loved Ones May Need Extra Help

Independence is inherent in most people and we never lose that pride or unwillingness to be reliant on other people as we age.
If you have aging loved ones who are still living in their own homes, it can be awkward to broach the suggestion that they might need some extra help. The signs may be subtle but, if you do notice any of the following behaviour, it might be time to talk to Extra Help about how we can assist them:

1.Appearance or Ability Changes
These changes are often caused by health issues or a decline in mobility. You may notice your loved one has difficulty in moving about, is noticeably losing weight or wearing dirty or dishevelled clothing. This suggests they could be struggling with household tasks, such as doing the laundry or cooking, both of which we can help with.

Our home-helpers can assist with shopping and meal preparation, ensuring your loved ones are eating nutritious, healthy food. They can also help with changing the beds and doing the laundry, both of which become increasingly difficult with the onset of mobility issues.

2. Messy House or Garden
When you visit your loved ones, can you see evidence of regular cleaning? If you can see the carpets need vacuuming or the toilet and kitchen need cleaning, this could be a sign that they may be struggling to keep on top of these everyday tasks but don’t want to admit to it. Perhaps they love having a garden and used to enjoy gardening, but you can see it’s now looking neglected.

Extra Help can assist with all tasks around the home, such as cleaning, gardening and simple DIY jobs, such as fixing leaky taps and changing lightbulbs, so your loved ones can continue to take pride in their home.

3. Changes to Social Life and Daily Routine
Have you noticed any changes to your loved one’s routine, such as they are suddenly not interested in their hobbies or no longer see their friends? A lack of social contact and activities outside of the home can have an extremely detrimental effect on senior mental health and can often lead to depression. This was especially proven during the COVID-19 pandemic, when elderly people were forcibly isolated and separated from their loved ones and friends.

We have seen a huge increase in the demand for companionship since the world opened up after lockdown, and it remains one of our most popular services. All of our Extra Help local franchises offer companionship. This can include anything clients may need, from just going over for a cup of tea and a chat, to taking them out for walks, providing emotional support and ultimately improving their overall quality of life.

4. No Longer Able to Drive Safely
Although many seniors continue to drive quite safely, if your loved one has become overwhelmed when driving, or developed physical health problems that mean driving is no longer an option for them, we can help! We provide safe transportation to doctor and hospital appointments, errands, salon appointments and shopping trips, meaning you never have to worry about them travelling on buses alone or hailing taxis.

If you believe it’s time for your loved ones to have some help, but find there’s resistance, it’s helpful to start gradually. For example, if your loved one still loves cooking but finds grocery shopping a bit of challenge, we can strike a balance and make sure they’re still cooking their own meals while providing a bit of extra help so they have more energy for the activities they still love doing and enjoy. Where possible, introducing home-help slowly and increasing it over time can be useful in overcoming objections.

To find out more about how we can help your loved ones to continue to live independently, visit our website or contact our friendly team today to find out if we operate in your area.