Elderly People And Loneliness | Would you like some Extra Help?

Elderly people are especially vulnerable to loneliness and feeling isolated, particularly those with no close family or friends nearby. This is most common in those over the age of 75, where many have said that the television is their only company …

Elderly people finding themselves in this situation don’t like to ask for help!

People become isolated for many reasons such as getting older, ill health, disability and the death of their spouse, retiring and no longer seeing their family. These factors contribute greatly to many elderly people feeling alone and vulnerable, which in turn can lead to depression and a decline in the person’s health and well being.

Many people finding themselves in this situation don’t like to ask for help, often feeling a nuisance or because they have too much pride.

It is important however to remember that loneliness and feeling vulnerable can affect people of all ages not just the elderly. For many, just seeing a friendly face even for a few hours a week can give someone something to look forward to.

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