Extra Help Franchisee Awards 2017 | I am delighted to announce the winners …

This year, the Extra Help Awards Ceremony took place at a special lunch we organised for our franchisees at the Campanile Hotel in Northampton on 6th November …

Carol and Cath were pleased to win the Extra Help New Franchisee of the Year Award!

Unfortunately, some of our franchisees were unable to attend, but it was so valuable for the ones who were able to make it, enabling them to bounce ideas off of each other, receive advice and share information and experiences.

“The winners of our New Franchisee of the Year Award were Carol Goddard and Cath Arnold!”

They have run Extra Help in the Wirral together since September 2016. They originally met at their children’s school, where their friendship progressed to attending yoga classes together and, eventually, they began to discuss the idea of starting a business together. As Carol had previously run a franchise, they realised that this may be the best way forward for them.

Carol and Cath discovered Extra Help in a magazine they picked up at the National Franchise Show and decided to go for it! Since then, they have found that running the business together works exceptionally well for them.

Their territory covers 150,000 households on the Wirral peninsula and, due to their hard work and determination to succeed, they have succeeded in building a regular client base of nearly ninety, regular clients, serviced by eighteen home-helpers.

Carol and Cath were so pleased to win our New Franchisee of the Year Award and realise that their success has been recognised.

We are both delighted to have won this award at the end of our first year,” says Cath. “It’s been a great year building up the business in our local area. We have both enjoyed it and have been working hard to establish ourselves, so it is really positive to have received the award in recognition of all our efforts.

“Another winner was Sue Timson, who won Franchisee of the Year!”

Sue has run her Extra Help franchise since 2011 and, before this, worked with various local authorities helping mentally disabled people and children with behavioural issues.

Since investing in an Extra Help franchise, Sue’s life has transformed beyond all recognition. Although it was hard work in the beginning, she now enjoys a healthy work/life balance. She says that running her own business has taught her to organise her time efficiently and has proven how much she is capable of achieving.

Sue was very happy to be chosen to receive Franchisee of the Year in recognition of her hard work. “It was a complete surprise to win the award, but obviously I was really pleased,” she says. “I am the longest running franchisee, I believe, and after all this time it is very exciting to be recognised.

Of course, all of our franchisees are winners in their own right!

I am immensely proud of their efforts to build the Extra Help brand and provide our valuable services to many different areas across the country. If you would like to talk to me about becoming the next Extra Help franchisee then do call me on 0845 618 2904 or click here to ping me an email and let’s talk.

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