The Top 5 Reasons Why Hiring a Home-Helper through Extra Help® Makes Sense

A question potential franchisees often ask is why clients would choose to hire a home-helper through Extra Help®, rather than finding a private one through local adverts or personal recommendations.

A story that always springs to mind is about a friend of mine who was a self-employed sole trader with a family. She was working crazy hours and really struggling to keep on top of her housework, which had become a low priority as her workload increased. Once she admitted she needed help in her home, she began to look for a cleaner. She placed an advert on a local Facebook group and waited for responses. Several people replied, and, after numerous messages going back and forth, my friend arranged for three of them to come round for a chat.

One of them failed to turn up; the second one did come, arranged to start the following week, then let my friend down at the last minute because she found another job with more hours; and the third started and lasted exactly two weeks, before telling my friend she was giving up cleaning and left! So my friend was back to square one, with no home-helper, and left feeling extremely frustrated (she has since become an Extra Help® client, by the way!).

While it’s true that it can be slightly cheaper to go down the non-managed route, it can often be a false economy and there are many reasons why using a company like Extra Help® makes sense. If you want to ensure you always receive a professional, fully insured and consistent service, choosing Extra Help® offers total peace of mind, in that you can always rely on us to provide you with an honest and reliable home-helper, even if your regular one is off sick, on holiday or leaves the company.

Here are my top five reasons why it makes total sense to use Extra Help® for all of your home-help requirements:

1.Your home-helper is fully reference-checked

We personally interview, reference and DBS check all of our home-helpers, so you can be confident that you or your loved ones are always in safe hands. Honesty, integrity and maintaining our outstanding reputation and high standards are extremely important to us, so you can rest assured that we only provide you with the most trustworthy and reliable home-helpers we can find.

2.We are covered by a full health and social care insurance policy

Another advantage of using Extra Help® is that we are all covered by a comprehensive health and social care insurance policy. This is particularly important when dealing with elderly or vulnerable people, as it means you have even more peace of mind.

3.Holidays and sickness are covered

With Extra Help®, you never have to worry about being let down if your home-helper is off sick, is on holiday or leaves the company, as we will arrange for a replacement home-helper to come to your home without you having to do any of the agonising, time-consuming searching that my friend did!

4.We don’t just do cleaning!

Extra Help® is a one-stop shop for all your home-help requirements. This means that we don’t just offer domestic cleaning – we can also help with many other tasks around the home, such as ironing, gardening, DIY, dog-walking and meal preparation. Our home-helpers will even do your food shopping, run errands or just provide some company now and again, if this is required. Co-ordinating multiple services can be extremely time-consuming – but not with Extra Help® as we can turn our hands to most tasks around the home.

5. If you don’t get on with your home-helper, we can intervene or arrange for a different one

Despite our best efforts to match clients with appropriate home-helpers, sometimes the fit just isn’t right. If this ever happens, we will let the home-helper know, resolve any problems or instantly arrange for another one to come to your home instead, without you having to have any awkward conversations with the home-helper directly, or spend your precious time and energy sourcing a new one!

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