What Difference Can We Make? An immense amount so far …

Last Tuesday was quite an eye opener for the service provision brokers that work with Social Services. We managed to secure a meeting for the Buckinghamshire area and present our business, Extra Help, to them. The impact we have made so far on our communities has been immense …

when clutter starts to border on hoarding then we’re happy to help

Extra Help has changed people’s lives in a very positive way. Living at home has become possible after circumstances that have gone out of control. Life has its pressures and sometimes the simplest of things get on top of us and the back log of problems sends us spiralling downward!

At Extra Help we are not here to judge – just put life back on its normal course and assist where needed, then continue to support if that’s what the client needs. We look and listen to a client’s needs before acting and then make a decision on what steps are required to help them back to normality (whatever that is). Life can be so unpredictable that sometimes we just need a helping hand to stay on course, don’t we?

One very concerning trend we see is clutter. It can cause serious health issues and is also a major fire risk. Most of us will collect a few items from time to time, but throughout a lifetime, these collections can border on hoarding and can potentially damage our health and well being. We do not judge but instead assist by disposing of, or selling, items that are no longer needed.

Sometimes our clients need the help of Social Services and occupational therapists to continue living at home, and in order to make this possible there are certain things we need to do like clearing space for important equipment to enable safe living at home. Maybe they need room for adjustable beds or wheelchair space? Sometimes clutter clearance is needed and we can offer this service quickly, so our clients can have their adaptations as soon as possible.

Claire and I have such a passion to help all of our clients and it shines through in everything we do, including working with our franchisees. We know that one day we will need our own services and knowing that our company has been built with a foundation of excellence is what really matters to us.

People matter more than possessions don’t they? That’s something we need to get across to the whole of the UK and then we’ll know the Extra Help brand has done its job. We certainly changed the thinking of the service provision brokers we met recently.

If you are a relative, client or helper looking for a service like ours then call us on +44 (0) 845 6182904 or click here to ping over an email and we’ll get right back to you. Each client and helper service is bespoke and we intend to keep it that way.

Until next time …