A Beautiful Poem From Dignity Action Day | This is one of many …

Following on from last week’s blog post about Dignity in Care this Wednesday 1st February is Dignity Action Day. I thought I’d share a poem I found on the Dignity in Care website …

Dignity Action Day means a truly memorable day for people who use care services!

It’s called “I’m Here …” by Louise Appleton from Hartlepool. It’s a poem about Dignity in Care for the person that matters.

I am still a person although my actions and words may not make sense,

It’s just some thing’s seem complicated to me, doesn’t mean that I’m stupid or dense,

I ask you don’t treat me as another number a person in care,

I’m a person who needs to be treated with respect and dignity that’s fair,

I am frightened and confused and not sure what’s going on,

So please don’t assume that my faculties have gone,

There are times when I can recognise special people and their faces,

And remember special thoughts and memories of times and places,

I need your help, your care and complete reassurance,

To know that I can spend the rest of my days happy getting through this,

I was like you once, you know, and wish I was still today,

But unfortunately life has dealt the cards and I’ve ended up this way,

So please understand I’m not stupid, nor a child or mad,

I’m just a person who is confused, frustrated and sad,

And so I am asking please be there for me and make me smile,

Make the rest of my life happy, special and worth while.

I really hope you enjoyed the poem by Louise Appleton and you can find many more poems on the Dignity in Care website.

Until next time …


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