Dignity In Care: A 10-Point Dignity Challenge | It was natural for us to sign up to it …

Dignity in Care is an initiative Extra Help and our franchisees have signed up to. We’re all Dementia Friends, and some are Dementia Champions too, so it’s a natural thing to do …

Dignity In Care is a great initiative that Extra Help has embraced!

I feel it’s important to create an understanding of Dementia and people living with the disease so we cover this in our Extra Help training. We also recently came across the Dignity in Care initiative which we’ve equally embraced.

“If you read our blog posts regularly, you’ll know that we’re a home help business!”

We help with tasks such as cleaning, ironing, shopping, meal preparation, small gardening jobs, companionship and much more. We’re happy to work with whoever requires our service, from working professionals to new parents’, but our passion is working with elderly and vulnerable clients. We believe in helping our clients to stay in their own homes and remain independent for as long as possible.

So what is Dignity in Care all about? Well, the campaign’s core values are about having dignity in our hearts minds and actions, changing the culture of care services and placing a greater emphasis on improving the quality of care.

This includes the experience of citizens using services including NHS hospitals, community services, care homes and home support services. You can find out more by clicking here. Dignity Action Day is Wednesday 1st February, hence writing this blog post to raise awareness of Dignity in Care and to share their 10-point dignity challenge:

  1. Have a zero tolerance of all forms of abuse

  2. Support people with the same respect you would want for yourself or a member of your family

  3. Treat each person as an individual by offering a personalised service

  4. Enable people to maintain the maximum possible level of independence, choice and control

  5. Listen and support people to express their needs and wants

  6. Respect people’s right to privacy

  7. Ensure people feel able to complain without fear of retribution

  8. Engage with family members and carers as care partners

  9. Assist people to maintain confidence and positive self-esteem

  10. Act to alleviate people’s loneliness and isolation

Dignity in Care endeavours to promote awareness of these 10-points to everyone connected with health and social care. You can find out more about the Action Day here.

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