A Little Extra Help For Mother’s Day | Better than a bunch of flowers …

Most of us will remember the advert ”Do you love someone enough to give them your last Rolo?” At Extra Help we like to ask ”Do you love your Mum enough to give her a spare pair of hands for a couple of hours?” instead …

rather than just flowers this mothers day, why not get your mum a little extra help?

You could help out by offering to do the cleaning, ironing, washing, cooking or the shopping; you could spend some quality time with your Mum or even hire Extra Help to do the chores! You don’t need to be a regular client as we offer an ad-hoc service which many people have found incredibly useful.

After a visit from us to see what you want done and a simple form to complete – all taking less than 15 minutes of your time – we can get the help your Mum needs on the day you have chosen. What a lovely present!

Do you live far away from your Mother and find it hard to travel to see her? Maybe she does’t go out much and you would like to arrange for someone to accompany for an evening out (yes, even to the bingo!)? We can provide a Home Helper to assist with your requirements.

Because Extra Help treats all clients as individuals, we don’t come in tell you what we do; instead we ask “what would you like us to do?” We have found our service is in demand across the entire country.

Listening is a key skill all our franchisees possess. By listening to our clients’ needs, the franchisee gets a clear picture of what the client wants and are able to source the right Home Helper or Cleaner for the task.

So let’s take away the old fashioned perception that Home Help is just for the elderly and instead introduce you to our way of thinking about Home Help. We all have a home and we all need help at some point whether it be for cleaning, cooking, ironing, gardening, shopping or any domestic task.

We believe that Extra Help is a unique service and it’s as unique as our clients needs. So if you require home help for yourself, your mother or a family member it may be a great idea to call us on +44 (0) 845 6182904 or click here to ping over an email and let’s see how we can help you.

Why not add a message to your mum at the bottom of this blog to show the world how much you love her for mothers day?

Until next time …