A Helping Hand For A Sparkling Home | You’re In Good Hands …

Imagine the delight in coming home to a meticulously spotless house, cleaned just the way you like it. Picture the peace of mind you could have in knowing that, come rain or shine, your cleaning service will never let you down. That is our vision for Extra Help domestic cleaning …

whatever type of domestic cleaning you need you’re in good hands with extra help

As a Mum of 5 children I know the importance of an organised home to assist everyday life in running as smoothly as possible; this is the reason we set up the services of Extra Help Cleaning. Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to work, let alone sleep! We all have busy lives these days and Extra Help is designed to take the pressure off you.

An insight to my life – My cleaning list is a like a shopping list and if someone could take just a few items from that list my life would be so much easier. On a weekly basis I can choose the things from to do list that I need someone else to do. Every day in my house is totally different and my needs are too.

If I put myself in my clients’ shoes I can truly value the service that we have created and understand that each household is unique and so is our service to them. For 22 years I have been involved in assisting people with their needs – 12 years in the NHS, Homecare for a local council, private Care home and 8 years servicing domestic cleaning clients.

Claire and I are very proud of the Brand we have created and know that our one true value and strength is our loyalty to our clients. Our customers know they are in understanding and compassionate hands with Extra Help.

If you’d like some Extra Help with your cleaning – either a one off deep clean or regular help from us – then why not call us on +44 (0) 845 618 2904 or click here to drop us an email. We’d love to help!

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