Want To Increase Your Business? Consider an Extra Help franchise …

Are you working within the domestic services sector, maybe as a carpet cleaner, oven cleaner or do you deal with home maintenance? Are you looking at expanding your business to include other services? We may have the answer …

extra help can be a great way to boost your income

An Extra Help franchise could be just what you need; it will put you in front of the right client base on a permanent basis to grow your existing business and grow Extra Help at the same time. Double the income with the same clients.

Most of our Extra Help clients need other services that we can’t provide and we help to find what they need. Imagine being in front of the client when they indicate they need their oven or carpets cleaned and you already own that type of business they are asking for? Having a domestic service business and then buying an Extra Help franchise can really boost your income.

If you are already working within an industry that services the public in their homes, Extra Help could be the right sort of business opportunity for you to explore.

Extra Help was initially setup to enable the elderly to live independently in their own homes. Through the last couple of years the business has adapted to what the consumer wants. We now help anyone who needs a helping hand. Our main website has a full list of services.

Extra Help is a management franchise, so you don’t need to do the work yourself unless you want to. We currently have 10 areas in the UK up and running. The business has been built in a way that you don’t need to be hands on all the time. That’s why it suits most people as you can continue employment, or family life, until you are ready to run the business full time.

Maybe you have a small cleaning or home help business and would like to increase your business in your local area and are not sure how to expand without running yourself into the ground? Becoming part of a brand that has already hit the national press could be your way forward. As an individual you would only be able to service about 20 clients a week – with the Extra Help Franchise Model you could service as many clients as you want. In my personal experience I have serviced over 560 homes in a single week!

Download our prospectus here, give us a call on +44 (0) 845 6182904 or click here to ping over an email, Let’s see how we can help you expand the services you already offer.

Until next time …