The 4 In 1 Franchise Opportunity From Extra-Help …

Today I’d like to tell you about the franchise side of our business. Sarah and I are passionate about Extra Help and the service we provide. As it would be near on impossible for the pair of us to service the home help needs of the whole UK, we decided to franchise and make Extra Help a National Brand …

the extra-help franchise is a fabulous opportunity to offer a loyal, caring service

We currently have six franchisees and run in nine areas; Sarah runs Buckingham at present and I run Plymouth and SE Cornwall. Our aim over the next few years is to grow those figures into the hundreds, providing home help services right across the country.

Extra Help is a management franchise that provides flexible home help and domestic services to literally anyone who needs it – from the elderly to new parents and working professionals. Along with domestic cleaning, this makes us unique as far as we are aware. Franchising a business is not an easy task; with Sarah’s experience of franchising and taking on the services of an excellent franchise consultant and franchise solicitor, we then asked ourselves with so many franchises available to invest in, how can we be different?

We feel we have the answer with our 4 in 1 franchise opportunity, having the freedom and flexibility to respond to your market as and when you need to. In a recession, the cleaning side of the business is tough – when money is tight, people will do their own ironing and cleaning. However with the home help for the elderly, things are different – they need continuity and on-going help; their needs are likely to increase rather than decrease.

Providing a loyal, trustworthy, kind and secure service, tailored to individual needs is paramount to Sarah and I and this is constantly in our minds when choosing our franchisees. We provide all the training needed and all the equipment to run your own business. When we meet potential franchisees we are interviewing them as well as they us. It’s not all about the money, it’s more than that. Of course it is important to earn a good living out of a business, however with our franchise the emphasis is on caring, providing a quality, bespoke service to each and every client.


Our franchisees need to show passion for the services we provide just as Sarah and I do.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our short insight into the franchise side of our business and it’s given you a good feel for how we work. If you’d like any more information on our franchise please call us on +44 (0)845 618 2904 or download our prospectus here.

Until next time …