A Very Warm Welcome To Naomi Shearer | Our latest team member at Extra Help HQ …

This week’s blog post is my opportunity to introduce Naomi Shearer. She came to work with us at Extra Help HQ in June. As well as being a great support to Louise and I within Extra Help itself, she is also working on our other business, The AFA. Over to you Naomi …

Jersey is so beautiful and I loved living there. I went for a weekend and stayed for ten years!

photographer: man vyi / wikipedia

My Name is Naomi Shearer and I have been welcomed into my new job at Extra Help with open arms by Claire and Louise. They have both made me feel at home and I’m very settled after just a few short months.

My career path, previous to Extra Help, has been varied to say the least. I originally trained as a florist and then a landscape designer. My love of gardening is still a passion and I’m a regular at the Chelsea Flower Show.

“In 1992 I went to Jersey for a weekend and ended up staying for ten years!”

A sideways path into the food industry happened quite by accident whilst on Jersey. I was working for the Jersey Lavender Farm and was asked one day to help out in the kitchen. This started a new passion as a lot of the vegetables and herbs I was growing on the farm were used in the restaurant kitchen.

I put myself through college over on Jersey every Monday for 4 years. As the Lavender Farm was seasonal I worked for the Jersey Pottery restaurant in the winter. Through those two fantastic companies I now have amazing skills and a passion for food that will be with me forever.

The move back came when my husband, who I met on Jersey, wanted to start a family. We moved to Plymouth, near to my Cornish roots. I had various chef jobs in and around Plymouth before starting my family.

When my daughter was very young, I became regional manager for the Body Shop party plan business. It was through a Body Shop party I met my next employers, who own the Plymouth Magazine. They saw the natural talent I had for sales and, once my daughter started school, a career path opened for me at the Plymouth Magazine which continued for nearly seven years.

In May 2015, I decided on a complete change of direction! On hearing a job was available at Extra Help and knowing Claire and Louise from my advertising days, I jumped at the chance. Extra Help has shown me a wonderful new world of making a difference to people’s lives through care and compassion.

“It’s all so very different to the cut throat world of advertising sales!”

It’s great having Naomi on board and she definitely brightens up the office! She works well with both Louise and I and contributes to the growth of The Approved Franchise Association. Why not give her a call on 0845 618 2904 and say hello?

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