Are You Getting Your Attendance Allowance? Over 65’s may qualify …

Extra Help can assist in completing Attendance allowance forms. This is a free service and we have found that many people don’t know about the benefits they could be entitled to. The forms are very long and take a couple of hours to complete which sometimes is exhausting …

attendance allowance can make a real difference to the over 65’s and isn’t means tested

Attendance Allowance is a Benefit for over 65s. The benefit is not means tested so you dont need to worry about what assests or savings you have. There are two rates as below, these are weekly allowances:

  • Lower Rate – £51.85

  • Higher Rate – £77.45

Information on Attendance allowance can be found by clicking here.

You may be entitled to attendance allowance if you have needed help in the last 6 months to assist you in everyday life like a walking stick or frame or if you have had equipment adapted for everyday living at home. There are many factors in which attendance allowance is issued. Have a look through the government advice notes in the link above also in the downloadable forms you will find help notes on what they are looking for in the claim. Alternatively give us a call and we can help you with the forms. We have helped many people complete the forms and now they have the benefits they rightly deserve.

Information you will need before completing the forms are any hospital visits in the last 6 months outpatient or inpatient, any prescribed medication, list of any aids you need for everyday living and your National insurance number. Its handy to have these ready as it makes the forms easier on the day we help you complete them

Extra Help was initially set up to enable people to stay at home longer and live a quality life. Benefits like Attendance Allowance can make the difference to someone affording the help they really need. The Citizen Advice Bureau will be able to help with any other benefit entitlements.

I hope this has been helpful and the information can be passed on to those that need it. Our assistance is FREE on completing Attendance Allowance forms so why not call us on +44 (0) 845 618 2904 or click here to ping us an email and see how we can help?

Until next time …