EWiF: Encouraging Women Into Franchising | I’m super excited about it …

Extra Help have become members of the EWiF organisation. We discovered EWiF last year when we nominated Louise for one of their awards, Employee of the Year. Louise was shortlisted to the final three which was really exciting …

This year, one of our franchisees is in the final three. It’s Emma Clark from Leicester West. We are thrilled for Emma, she totally deserves the award and is definitely a winner in our eyes.

“EWiF are all about encouraging women into ethical franchises!”

The franchise industry is very male dominated and EWiF are looking to help change this. They support women franchisors, women franchisees and women thinking of franchising their business or even buying into a franchise.

EWiF run regular meetings across the country. Louise and I recently attended the London meeting held at the Houses of Parliament and it was a really fantastic day. As we live in Plymouth, we travelled to London the day before, stayed in a nice hotel with a swimming pool and spa which relaxed us nicely after our journey.

The next morning we were up early and made our way to the Houses of Parliament. We were like a couple of schoolgirls with all the excitement; and it was a really great meeting!

We met lots of other franchisors, franchise employees, franchisees, franchise lawyers, banks and finance companies who specialise in franchise. It can be quite lonely being a franchisor and it was great to meet so many people to do with franchise all in one place.

I got so fired up about the concept of EWiF, we are planning to set up and run EWiF meetings down here in the South West, covering Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth and Cornwall!

The awards ceremony is on 12th May so I’ll let you know how Emma gets on. It will also be my first board meeting as regional chair of EWiF for the South West which is super exciting. I love the concept of encouraging women into franchising.

“Especially as our franchise is very women dominated. Saying that we’d love more men on board too!”

If you’d like to know more about EWiF have a look at their website www.ewif.org. Likewise, if you’d like to know more about Extra Help and our franchise package, or the services we offer, visit www.extra-help.co.uk or give us a call on 0845 618 2904 today.

Until next time …