Extra Help Case Study: Natalie From Letchworth | After a long search, she found what she wanted …

It’s always great to get feedback from our franchisees so in the first of a short series of case studies, this week, we delve deeper into the reasons Natalie from Letchworth chose an Extra Help franchise …

Everyone at Extra Help are pleased that Natalie is our franchisee in Letchworth!

Natalie Cooper from Letchworth, Hertfordshire enjoyed an extensive career in the care and teaching industries. However, she had always dreamed of running her own business and, after searching for several years for the ‘right’ opportunity, she discovered Extra Help.

When her father was diagnosed with cancer, Natalie began to search for a business opportunity that could also provide the help he needed.

“I came across Extra Help and immediately knew it was the one!”

Extra Help is a management franchise that provides home-help and cleaning services to anyone who needs them, from the elderly to new and working parents. Natalie specifically chose Extra Help because their business ethos immediately resonated with her.

Her gut feeling was so intense that she decided to get in touch right away and just went for it! Natalie is now running her own business serving Stevenage and the surrounding areas. She is making excellent progress and is amazed by how quickly her business took off.

My first client came in via the website whilst I was still at the training course!” she says. “Within two days of coming back, I received my second enquiry, so I was already in full swing.

Natalie says that what she loves most about Extra Help is that she can choose her working hours to fit around her family. She also loves that each day is different and enjoys the fact that, although she is her own boss, she still has the support of the Extra Help team.

They’re friendly, approachable and willing to offer advice at any time,” she comments. “They feel like friends and I can’t speak more highly of them!

Although Natalie is happy with how things are right now, her plans for the future include more marketing within her area, which will also mean the recruitment of additional home-helpers.

“I haven’t even scratched the surface yet; there’s still a huge area to target. I’m excited about the future and looking forward to growing my business!”

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