Extra Help Case Study: Sue From Essex South | A lady with a passion for helping others …

With nearly twenty years’ experience of care in the community via local authorities and the education sector, redundancy provided Sue Timson with a great opportunity to offer services that help others in a unique and flexible way …

Sue has worked incredibly hard growing Extra Help Essex South and it’s great to see her receiving recognition for her efforts!

Sue has owned the Extra Help Essex South franchise since 2011. She is her own boss and manages a team of domestic helpers who look after clients requiring assistance with tasks such as cleaning, ironing, dog walking and shopping.

“Sue is a lady with a passion for helping others!”

Prior to owning the franchise, Sue worked with various local authorities and was specifically involved with helping mentally disabled people. She had also worked in the education sector, focusing on children with behavioural issues.

When she was made redundant in 2011, Sue decided against accepting another role within the care industry and instead began to search for a business opportunity that would allow her to deliver a flexible service to people who were struggling to cope with their everyday lives.

After a few conversations with the Extra Help team, I was convinced that this was the ideal business for me,” says Sue. “I was specifically attracted to Extra Help because it would mean that I could continue to work with vulnerable people.

Sue particularly enjoys the support she receives from the Extra Help Head Office team members, who are always there for her when she needs them. However, she says that they also give her enough breathing space to run her business independently.

They understand that everyone works differently and, although you’re expected to follow their business model, they give you the flexibility to run your business in the way that works best for you,” she says.

Since investing in an Extra Help franchise, Sue’s life has transformed beyond all recognition. Although it was hard work in the beginning, she now enjoys a healthy work/life balance. She says that running her own business has taught her to organise her time efficiently and has proven just how much she is capable of achieving.

I feel I have accomplished so much in helping people with disabilities and vulnerabilities to live a normal life,” says Sue. “If I hadn’t made the decision to buy this franchise, I would never have been able to do that, so it gives me enormous job satisfaction.

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