Extra Help wows Plymouth residents with fantastic home-help services

One of the purposes of our blog is to tell you about our local, home-help and cleaning services and the many ways our franchisees can help all sorts of people. However, we thought we’d go one step further and actually SHOW you some of the amazing work they’ve been doing!

This week, the spotlight’s on our Plymouth franchise and its owner, Luda Kuliabko. Luda has owned Extra Help Plymouth for a while now, and has established a great reputation in her local area, becoming renowned for her kind, caring nature, friendly personality and high-quality home-help and cleaning services.

Over the past six months, Extra Help Plymouth has built an extremely loyal following at Leypark Court, a Housing with Support Scheme in Estover. Leypark Court rents flats and bungalows to elderly and retired people, enabling them to live independently within a supportive environment. Luda and her fabulous team of home-helpers work for several residents, keeping their flats spick and span with regular cleaning and laundry services, as well as providing companionship and helping with simple DIY tasks.

I’ve lost my eyesight and, therefore, housework is impossible for me. Luda and her team are brilliant! They visit me every fortnight and do all my housework – hoovering, dusting etc. I’m very pleased with their work and highly recommend them,” says Carol, a Leypark Court resident and one of Extra Help Plymouth’s clients.

Luda says: “We originally started with one client at Leypark Court but, through recommendations, the word spread quickly and now we’re visiting eight flats in total. The residents really like and trust us and we’re proud to be making a huge difference to their lives with the work we do. They look forward to our visits because they love chatting and telling us their stories!”

Photo caption: Some of the Residents of Leypark Court who benefit from Extra Help’s home-help and cleaning services. L-R: Pauline, Carol, Shirley, Heather, Luda.
Photo caption: Some of the Residents of Leypark Court who benefit from Extra Help’s home-help and cleaning services. L-R: Pauline, Carol, Luda, Shirley, Heather.


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Luda has a growing client base in Plymouth that includes not only elderly people, but parents and busy professionals too. For example, she and her team work for Lucy, a disabled lady who lives in Plymouth with her two young sons, Henry and Elijah.

As a wheelchair-bound, single mother-of-two, Lucy was struggling to cope with the running of her house and looking after her boys. As Extra Help offers a flexible range of home-help services, including parents’ help, Luda and her team are able to assist Lucy with a wide range of tasks to make her life easier.

Lucy says that, when she found Luda and her team at Extra Help Plymouth, she realised that miracles really do exist.

“Luda is a dream come true!” she says, “She and her team help me with every aspect of living you can think of, from housework to gardening, laundry and meal preparation. She’s an amazing person – she’s loyal, giving, and thoughtful, and instinctively knows what needs doing.”

Lucy adds: “She’s a fantastic cook, as are her home-helpers – they all cook fabulous, meat and dairy-free meals (as we’re vegetarian and lactose intolerant) for us. I can’t speak highly enough of her – literally nothing is too much trouble. These are people that genuinely WANT to help you and it relieves the pressure of you feeling like you’re being awkward or demanding. She even tolerates our indoor rabbit who roams freely round the house!”

Luda says: We visit Lucy three hours per day, every day of the week. Her two young boys, like most children, can be a bit messy, so there’s always lots to do! We take the boys to and from school and entertain them when they get home; make their packed lunches, snacks and evening meals etc. It’s hugely rewarding to see how much Lucy appreciates our help and the positive effect it has on her overall wellbeing.” 

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Photo caption: Luda with Lucy and children in the garden that’s blooming, thanks to Extra Help’s gardening services! L-R: Henry, Luda, Lucy, Elijah


Do you know someone who could do with a helping hand with everyday tasks?

If so, contact Luda in Plymouth 01752 642442, email: plymouth@extra-help.co.uk 

Or get in touch with head office: give us a call on 01752 905790 or visit our website https://www.extra-help.co.uk/local-offices/ to find out if we operate in your area.