Life After Redundancy | Take control of your life and career …

When you’re made redundant from a job you love, it can be a highly traumatic experience, especially if you weren’t expecting it. So what can you do to take control of your life and never hear the word redundancy again? Simple! Become an Extra Help franchisee, be your own boss and take control of your destiny …

Redundancy may feel like the end of the road, but it’s also the start of a new journey.

After receiving nearly two hundred potential franchisee enquiries, Claire and I have found a common word in all of them: Redundancy. After speaking to several applicants, it has become very clear to us that franchising has now become a solid alternative and puts people in a position to use their redundancy money to secure their future by becoming their own boss.

Redundancy used to mean one thing to many people – having to find a similar job, really quickly! Now things have changed and people are seeing many other options and looking at redundancy differently. Although it may be an initial shock, it opens up many new choices.

Having a good redundancy package when the time comes makes a big difference to the options you are faced with. Deciding on a total career change and using the funds to retrain into another sector is often a possibility, as is becoming self-employed and being your own boss.

Many people think that being self-employed is quite daunting. If you’ve never experienced running a business you may think it can be quite costly to start one, as well as having many day to day outgoings and expenses. Franchising is a common route for many; because you’re running a business but with support and backup mechanisms in place.

When we built the Extra Help Franchise opportunity, we looked at factors that a franchisee would feel secure with. Things like applying for loans to purchase the franchise itself. Extra Help were approved by Natwest Bank who will lend up to 70% loan for Franchisees. Knowing that a bank has approved a business model gives peace of mind to many.

The other thing we did was to become approved as ethical trading Franchisors, which I’m pleased to say we have now done. We’ve been accredited by the AFA (Approved Franchise Association) and have been members for over a year. We are checked on an annual basis.

Redundancy may feel like the end of the road, but it’s also the start of a new journey for you.

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