Living With Dementia | It doesn’t have to be a burden …

For many families and elderly people, living with Dementia is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to be a burden or limiting on what you can take part in. Loved ones can feel ill-informed about the symptoms of Dementia and spotting them early …

If you’re living with dementia, there is a lot of support out there!

There are three aspects of Dementia that need to be watched out for in the early stages and they present themselves in different ways and to differing levels in each person it effects:

  • Memory problems – short-term memory can be affected and new information can often be hard to retain. There can also be confusion and difficulty remembering names. Everyone forgets things at times, but if it becomes a constant worry, there is nothing wrong with seeking medical advice.

  • Cognitive ability – this can be confusion with the environment as well as unfamiliar surroundings. Concentration may be affected and many sufferers would rather keep moving than remain still, which is why it can be satisfying for them or their carers to take part in different specialist activities so both feel the benefit of being outdoors.

  • Communication – problems with communication and often repetition of the same thing. Reading and writing may also become a challenge.

    Although this might sound overwhelming for somebody who may be living with Dementia, or for the potential carer of someone with it, there are many ways to make life easier and there are also many support services available.

    Dementia UK provide much needed and appreciated care including Admiral Nursingwhich is one-on-one practical, clinical and emotional support.

    There are also ‘Dementia Cafes’ hosted by a number of organisations where carers can get a break and patients can have a lunchtime meal and socialise. There are many flexible, short-term breaks for people living with Dementia which can be both fulfilling and influential in ensuring they make the most of their time. This also gives carers the chance to get away for a few days and socialise with each other.

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We understand the stresses that a carer can feel when looking after someone who is living with Dementia and we’d love to take some of that pressure off you. Call us on 0845 618 2904 or click here to send us an email enquiry to find out more.

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