Mother’s Help: Extra Help For Mums | Being a mum can be a challenge …

Being a parent can be a real challenge at the best of times. There are only so many hours in the day and you find that all of your me-time becomes mum-time with your children demanding your complete and full attention …

A mother preparing food

If you’re a busy parent and need some Extra Help, we offer help for mums (and dads) with our Parent’s Help service.

But what if someone could give you the gift of some precious extra hours for yourself so that you can regain your me time again? That’s what our Parent’s Help service is all about!

“Parents’s Help is a service specifically geared towards the needs of busy and working parents!”

Whether you need help with looking after your children on an ad-hoc basis for a few hours one week, or on a more regular basis, we can assist you. All of our helpers are personally interviewed, have an enhanced DBS check and are fully referenced, so you can always be confident that your children are in the best possible hands.

We are always on hand to help you out with anything you may need, including:

  • Meal preparation

    We can prepare healthy and nutritious meals for your children, taking their food preferences, meal times and any dietary requirements into consideration.

  • Helping at parties

    You can call upon us to provide an extra pair of hands to prepare and serve food and drink and generally help out at your family events and birthday parties.

  • Transport to activities, social groups and appointments

    After-school clubs and activities can really eat into your working day. You can rely on us to take your children to after-school activities, leaving you free to work.

  • Tidying and Cleaning

    We all know that children can be messy! We can tidy and clean children’s rooms and play areas so you don’t have to worry about spending your valuable free time clearing up any mess they’ve made.

  • Homework Help

    Children often need supervision whilst doing their homework, but it’s difficult to find the time if you need to work. We will ensure that your children complete any tasks and homework while you concentrate on your work.

  • Entertainment

    We can entertain your children, keeping them occupied during the school holidays and after school so you can continue working.

If you know someone who needs a helping hand please put them in touch with us at Extra Help. Visit our website to see the areas we cover, or give us a call on 0845 618 2904.

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PS: Extra Help is a franchise business. We are always looking for caring people who’d like the freedom to run their own business and share our passion for providing the services we do. We’d love to spread the services of Extra Help right across the UK, so if you’d like to find out more about the business opportunity you can download our prospectus here.

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