Raising Dementia Awareness In Exeter | Society’s approach is transforming …

Based in Exeter, I am on a personal mission to raise Dementia awareness in any and every way I can. Having completed an Open University module in Dementia care this year and always been fearful of the condition, I decided to face it head on …

My work involves supporting carers in the capacity of a counsellor and a reflexologist and more recently as a volunteer Dementia Friends champion.

I am only too aware of the complex care, understanding and patience it takes to support a family member or friend with Dementia and for that I have inexpressible admiration. My empathy extends to both carer and the person with Dementia, so how do I support both?

I offer free one hour public and private Dementia information sessions to the general public across the city of Exeter. This is a role I thoroughly enjoy not only because I’m meeting new people all the time, but because I have the privilege to hear their life stories, sharing both their sorrow and their joy.

“The way society is approaching Dementia is transforming and this is happening because of the government strategy to raise awareness across the country.”

I have been inspired by delivering over a dozen information sessions throughout the year with another eight booked between now and Christmas. This has led me to add an additional voluntary role to my life.

The National Dementia Action Alliance has seen many cities, towns and villages nationwide join forces and work towards creating ‘Dementia friendly communities’. Exeter has yet to be one of those cities – until now.

I am on a mission to empower our community and provide a supportive city for those with Dementia and their carers; one that welcomes inclusivity and collaboration with an alliance of dynamic like minded professionals.

Whilst this is a huge project, I have been receiving such positive responses from individuals, professionals and the media and this will surely be a mission to be accomplished.

“Together we are strong!”

I chose Alzheimer’s Research UK as a charity that I deem to be seriously underfunded and am walking part of the Great Wall of China in April 2015 in order to raise funds for their invaluable ongoing research.

Join me in raising dementia awareness by supporting my just giving page …

Hopefully, I will get to share some stories from my trek next year!

Until next time …


PS:  This week’s guest blogger, Gina Awad, is coming to speak at our forthcoming charity event on 7th November raising funds for the elderly wards at Derriford hospital in Plymouth