Special Offer On Extra Help Franchise Fees!

If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ll know that we were really excited to announce that we recruited 6 new franchisees during December …

January was also a great month for franchisee recruitment with a further two joining our rapidly growing family. This brings the total number of Extra Help franchises to 27 (with four more to be trained at the end of this month) . This is the highest ever!

So, why were all these people particularly drawn to the Extra Help home-help and domestic cleaning franchise opportunity? Is it because they love our brand, with its kind and caring values, or is it the genuine feeling of warmth and support that resonates from our staff and existing franchisees?

Perhaps they love the immense job satisfaction that comes with an Extra Help franchise; the chance to provide help, support and comfort to those who need assistance and know they’re significantly helping to improve their lives.

Extra Help assists so many people with so many different tasks, from meal preparation, cleaning and ironing for the elderly, to housekeeping, dog-walking and gardening for time-poor professionals and helping to manage school runs, playdates and children’s birthday parties for busy and working parents.

Herman Barnes, our new franchisee in Ealing, summed it up perfectly, “In my experience, working with other human beings is one of the ultimate good deeds you can do. Spending time with other people and helping to improve their lives is a wonderful thing. You can be gratified by many things, but when you make another human being smile, that’s really something to be cherished.”

Apart from the obvious benefit of helping others, our franchisees provide overwhelming proof that the Extra Help business model not only works, but can provide a consistent and healthy income. For example, one of our franchise owners is already bringing in an incredible £5,500 per month, after only sixteen months of trading (seven of which were part-time)! This particular franchisee originally started as a side-line business, however, she’s been so successful that she’s been able to quit her job to work on Extra Help full-time.

Other franchisees are earning between £3,000 and £4,000 per month, and these numbers are totally genuine and achievable, with the right attitude, hard work and the determination to succeed.

Would you like to join our amazing Extra Help family and receive all the support and guidance you need to grow your business whilst still being your own boss, earning a healthy income and being totally in control of your work/life balance?

If so, you may be interested to know we’re running a special offer on our franchise fees, to coincide with our attendance at The International Franchise Show on 3rd-4th April 2020 at Excel in London.

Sign up before 5th April and pay only £7,500 + VAT, saving you 33%!

Once this offer expires, the price will revert to £10,000 + VAT, so don’t delay any longer, I don’t want you to miss out! Call us on 01604 532932 for more information.