The 2016 Extra Help Franchisee Awards | Announcing the winners …

This week, I’d like to tell you all about our fantastic Awards Ceremony, which was held during our Annual Franchisee Conference and AGM in Bristol on 3rd-4th October …

Extra Help are pleased to announce our 2016 winners!

Each year, Extra Help recognises the franchisees who we feel have performed particularly well. The award categories were as follows:

  • New Franchisee of the Year

    Nominees for this award were Moira Tonge (Rickmansworth), James Shanker (Surrey East) and Ellen Cantero (Isle of Man). All three nominees have made a fantastic start this year, but the winner was Moira.

  • Moira’s worked incredibly hard since taking on the franchise – she is always willing to share ideas and comes up with new and exciting concepts for business development. Her passion and enthusiasm is always evident, and she is an excellent ambassador for Extra Help.

    Moira was absolutely over the moon to be nominated, saying, “I heard my name being announced but just sat still! As I walked forward, all I could think of was that I have never won anything in my life! It was a very emotional moment, as silly as it sounds!

    It truly means the world to me to receive this award. Like my fellow colleagues, I work hard and have a passion for this business. Through determination and, more importantly, through our desire to help others, we build amazing relationships with our clients. We hear the most inspiring stories from them. So, not only are we giving, they are also giving to us.

  • Franchisee of the Year

    The nominees for Franchisee of the Year were Sue Timson (South Essex), Emma Clark (West Leicester) and Natalie Cooper (Stevenage). Sue, Emma and Natalie all run successful franchises and are building their businesses admirably. However, the winner was Natalie, who has been running her franchise for just over a year now.

  • She set herself a goal to replace her previous income as a teaching assistant, which she has achieved. Natalie additionally proved to be a valuable asset to us when she helped with the promotion of Extra Help on our stand at the Franchise Show at Excel, London. She is always willing to speak to prospective franchisees, has patiently given her time for several interviews to promote the brand and generally exudes her passion for Extra Help at all times.

    I was extremely honoured and grateful to have been recognised as Franchisee of the Year,” Natalie says, “All that hard work really does pay off! I’ve had an exciting and busy first year with Extra Help. I’ve met some amazing people, achieved my goals and feel very proud of what I’ve achieved, having had no previous experience of running my own business.

    It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside Claire Robinson and her team and I’m looking forward to what my second year will bring.

  • Extra Help Family Member

    The Family Member Award is a new addition to our Awards Ceremony. We decided to add this award to the list as, at Extra Help, our franchisees are so much more than just numbers on a spreadsheet – we are a family and our aim is to ensure that all our franchisees receive an unsurpassed level of support. We encourage our franchisees to interact with each other as much as possible to share ideas and advice and help each other to build their own, successful businesses.

    The nominees for this category were Natalie Cooper (Stevenage), Moira Tonge (Rickmansworth) and Sarah Elliott (Doncaster) and the winner was Sarah.

  • Sarah has been an Extra Help franchisee for three years now, and it hasn’t always been easy for her, especially as she has, at times, also worked as a full-time teacher while running her franchise. However, in spite of these challenges, Sarah never gives up! She is a loyal and positive Extra Help ambassador and is always willing to chat to potential franchisees, as well as providing support for new ones. Sarah was delighted to receive this award and says,

    I was really pleased to win the Family Member Award at the recent Extra Help AGM. It was a complete surprise, and I was honoured. I have always been passionate about my Extra Help business and enjoy helping and supporting new and prospective franchisees.

It was so lovely to be able to recognise and celebrate our franchisees’ achievements! We are incredibly proud of all of them and look forward to celebrating more successes throughout 2017.

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