The British Summer Is Finally Here … What are you planning to do?

Whilst we all wait in anticipation for the sun to make an appearance this summer (oops it’s here!) we can start planning how to spend the days that are now like gold dust. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it; so how are you going to make the most of the fine weather?

Whatever you’re planning, wouldn’t it feel great to have a little Extra Help this summer?

We all like a break when the sun shines and many of us have responsibilities that we need to cover whilst we grab a couple of days off. Extra Help can make life easier by supplying you with a helper to do those last minute jobs for you or take care of your responsibilities while you are away.

OUr helpers can even prepare the house for when you return if you’d like? You don’t need to be a weekly client, you can join us as an adhoc client so you know that when needed you have help at hand.

So what could we help you with?

  • Ironing,

  • Packing suitcases,

  • Cleaning the house,

  • Last minute shopping,

  • Looking after the house whilst you are away,

  • Feeding pets while you are away,

  • Looking after an elderly relative,

  • Changing bedding ready for your return,

  • Food shopping done and put away on your return.

There are so many things that you have to do before and after your holiday. Some are very time consuming so why not let us take the stress and strain out of you having a break by having some help for a few hours?

We can also organise companions for our older clients to make sure they can enjoy days out and local community events so they don’t feel isolated and alone.

Extra Help was initially set up to assist the elderly, however, through the voice of our community – you – we adapted and gave you Extra Help for EveryoneMothers Help and Domestic Cleaning. Why not click these links to visit our website and see how we can help you?

If you feel you’d need a little help before your holiday or on your return then call us on +44 (0) 845 618 2904 to find a helper near you or click here to ping over an email and we’ll ensure your local Extra Help contact gets in touch.

Until next time …