Welcome to Our First Blog Post! Introducing Extra Help …

Hello! I’m Claire Robinson. My friend Sarah Jackson and I are the faces behind Extra Help. The concept was born when Sarah, who owned a domestic cleaning franchise, found herself repeatedly asked for extra help with tasks for which her cleaning business wasn’t insured …

extra help – a helping hand to lighten your load, whatever you need

Sarah’s clients were looking for assistance with activities such as shopping, transport to hospital visits and small maintenance tasks; she came to me with the idea for Extra Help and I thought it was a fantastic idea – and the business was launched!

We began by offering our services to the elderly; however, over the past eighteen months as the business has grown and evolved via networking events and word of mouth, we’ve realised that this is not a service which should be limited to just the older people in our communities. Working professionals would also benefit from our service too, as would people convalescing at home – in fact, anybody of any age in any circumstance where they require a helping hand. So now we offer the Extra Help service to a vast array of client groups – in fact, anyone who needs extra help!

You see, thinking creatively and flexibly – we’re known for that – we’ve determined that the breadth of services which Extra Help can provide is in fact pretty much limitless! Sarah and I are incredibly passionate about our business; the service we provide gives us great pleasure.

Before Extra Help, I owned a small publishing company producing A5 size community magazines to the residents in Milton Keynes – this is how Sarah and I met. Sarah was one of my advertisers and we became friends. Prior to this when I left school I was a nursery nurse for 9 years working within inner London for Social Services looking after a lot of children on the Child Protection Register. As you can imagine, this provided me with so much knowledge regarding vulnerable groups of people.

Sarah’s background is in nursing, working for the National Health Service in hospitals and latterly in Care Homes – so between us we have covered most sectors with the Care industry.

We hope you have enjoyed our first blog and that we’ve started to paint a good picture for you with this snippet into the background behind Extra Help. Over the next few weeks, we will tell you more about Extra Help and our franchise model, us and how the business has evolved.

In the meantime of course, if you or someone you know would like a little extra help, then do give us a call on +44 (0) 845 6182904 where we’ll be more than happy to chat through what we can do for you to lighten your load!

Until next time …