Happy Birthday Extra Help Maidenhead And Windsor!

This month, we’re delighted to be celebrating the first birthday of Extra Help Maidenhead & Windsor, which is owned by Nealem Stephens …

Extra Help Maidenhead & Windsor has had an amazing first year, and I’m incredibly proud of Nealem’s achievements to date. An experienced professional, who previously enjoyed a successful career in the financial services sector, spanning two decades, Nealem was a busy working mum who was constantly juggling her family life and career.

“Nealem is also Extra Help’s National Business Development Manager!”

When she decided it was time to become her own boss, she chose a business that enabled her to provide quality care and support to others, having recently struggled to find this kind of service for an elderly relative.

She joined the Extra Help family in September 2018 and, in the last year, has achieved truly impressive results. As her many five-star reviews on TRUSTist will testify, Nealem is providing an efficient, professional and reliable service, with many delighted customers.

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Her fantastic results speak for themselves. Extra Help Maidenhead & Windsor achieved its first year’s total income prediction within only six months of trading! At the current rate of growth, it is possible that the second year’s expected forecast level of income may well have been achieved within the first full year of trading.

Nealem enjoys a high conversion rate, which she believes is due to the time and effort she spends getting to know her clients and understanding their requirements. As her fantastic reviews affirm, Nealem’s success is largely due to her willingness to go the extra mile to create a customer experience that is second to none.

She also attributes her achievements to her amazing team of home helpers, who she makes every effort to build positive working relationships with, ensuring they are happy and enthusiastic to represent the Extra Help brand.

As one of her home helpers testifies, “I love being an Extra Help Home Helper, a really rewarding career, the best job I’ve ever had!

It is particularly impressive that, after only one year of trading, Nealem has been nominated for the Franchise Association Network Contribution Award at this year’s Approved Franchise Association Awards, and was also a nominee for the EWIF New Women in Franchising Award last year.

As I mentioned earlier in this blog post, in addition to running her own franchise, she provides excellent support to Extra Help as our National Business Development Manager, meaning she is on hand for existing, new and potential franchisees to help them grow their businesses and reach their full potential.

Denise Cooper, the owner of Extra Help Rickmansworth, is particularly grateful for her guidance saying, “Nealem is an inspiration and truly wonderful to work with. She has been mentoring me from the outset after I started growing Extra Help Rickmansworth. Her wealth of knowledge has been invaluable to me and she is always ready to listen and give advice in a really positive way.”

“Nealem’s positivity is definitely one of the things that make her stand out from the crowd, along with her easy-going and helpful nature. We’re so lucky to have her as part of the Extra Help family. She makes me feel that I can achieve anything and that I can be a huge success!

Personally, I love having her as part of our team and am so impressed with her achievements so far. I can’t wait to see what her second year of trading brings!

If Nealem’s story with Extra Help Maidenhead & Windsor has inspired you and you’d like to find out more about investing in an Extra Help franchise yourself, please do give me a call on 01604 532932 as I would be delighted to assist you.