I Have Never Asked For Extra Help Before | But now it’s my turn …

For many people who have lived their lives looking after others, they have even put their own lives on hold and nursed their sick parents, brothers or sisters to the end …

When you spent your life looking after others, asking for a little extra help can be difficult!

But never once have they ever had their own help. They have been the strong back bone of the family, have never quibbled about ‘what may have been’ and in some cases, they have even served their country.


“Then the inevitable happens, and they do need help!”

Everyone around them is telling them that, but deep inside they are still that strong individual who has carried on through thick and thin. In their hearts, they know it is needed, but don’t know how to ask or even want to accept it.

A recent call demonstrated all of the above to me, it was made very clear to me that they had never had help and honestly didn’t know if they wanted it. I respect the fact that there are individuals who feel like this and rather than working against this, you have to work with it.

I advised my caller that the biggest step they had taken was picking up the phone and talking to me, and I respected them so much for doing this.

A meeting was then organised where I discovered such strength and character yet at the same time so much vulnerability. We sat and talked and it was evident to me that they really did need help. The stories were pouring out, and I could see them relaxing and so happy that someone was listening.

A cleaning service was arranged and a further meeting set up to meet the helper as I wanted to make sure they were comfortable; this was a huge step for them.

The conversation ran smoothly, there was laughter and genuine rapport building already. When I rang to remind the person that the clean was starting on the following Monday, they said “I am so excited!” They knew it was the right thing to do and now their fears had transformed to an understanding of wanting someone to help as there would be companionship too.

“Since the journey began, the relationship between our home helper and our client has grown from strength to strength!”

Nobody should ever feel that they can’t ask for help or even that they can’t have it. Everybody deserves a little extra help in their lives. I am just glad that we were there to help another amazing individual.

Until next time …


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